We are Customer Service

We are not Auto Repair, you were not hired to be a mechanic.

Walking near a customer or coworker and not acknowledging them will be considered indifference. Customers, coworkers and your supervisor expect you to be Polite, Friendly, Caring, Appreciative and a Gentleman. Open doors for people. Say “Thank you.”  Say “my pleasure” when someone thanks you. When you walk within five feet of a customer say something nice, like “hello” or “how are you today?” or “good to see you again.

Customer Service includes hospitality.  All employees of the company, including managers, participate in cleaning bathrooms, cleaning floors, pulling weeds, picking up garbage on sidewalks, painting inside and outside the shop, washing windows and other such maintenance tasks. You are paid hourly, even when there are no customers, to prepare for future customers.

Managers duties include inventory, scheduling, sales, training, technical issues, customer complaints, consulting with other Oil Express managers and attending leadership meetings. It’s your mistake if you think your manager is not working as hard as you.


What is Full Service?

What we say:  Our Full Service Oil Change includes up to 5 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, chassis lubrication plus we fill your tires and check your fluids in under 10 minutes for $34.99, or with Synthetic Oil it’s $54.99.

What we do is much more. Click the button below for a PDF of how we do our Full Service Oil Change.

Full Service

Full Service Calls

We do calls loud and clear to improve the safety of our shops and to keep customers confident and informed. Your calls must be hear clearly from 30 feet away, and we will judge your calls by listen with our backs turned so we can picture what you are doing on the car.

The Script

Service Calls

Calls must be heard across the shop because there is a lot of noise from engines, traffic and equipment. Everyone in the shop must hear you. Lower Technicians must be especially loud. Loud & Routine communications between employees helps Customers know what we are doing. Customers will ask fewer questions later.

Service Calls video

Guide cars in

Greet Customers

We practice several times a day to make it easy. Done properly, this should take 30-40 seconds.

Greeting Script

Service NOT Sales

Our service includes showing them a part compared to the new part, telling them the price and asking if they want it.

We don’t sell: salesmanship is trying to make people buy things. Do not TRY to make Customers buy anything. Never lie to Customers or given your opinion. Pushy employees scare away customers.

Show  Tell  Ask

SHOW  “Sir, here’s your air filter and here’s a new one.”

TELL  “It costs $17.”

ASK  “Would you like me to install the new one today?

Anything else you say will cause a reprimand or your dismissal.  If you say “it’ll improve your fuel economy” or “it’ll make your car run smoother” that’s pushy and not allowed, so don’t do it.

We service cars the same way every time, so Customers trust us and they will buy things when they want to.

Sales and car counts drop when we skip steps (changing procedures is prohibited) or because management is pushy about sales. We do not pay employees to lose Customers or sales.

The customer is Oil Express founder, Art Lukowski Sr. This video was made in 1982 and our procedures have never changed.


The FIRST REASON customers come to us is that we are fast.

Customers expect FAST oil changes in under 10  minutes. To customers that means from when they arrive until when they leave. Technicians must complete Full Service Oil Changes (with Final Inspections) in under 8 minutes.

Speedy Service Video


You may get raises if:

  1. Follow the Handbook and your manager’s instructions, your manager will want to pay you more
  2. Sales: if others sell air filters to 20% of customers, you should
  3. Speed: Full Services in 10 minutes to keep your job, raises if you work faster
  4. Upper Tech: more than half your cars should be upstairs, basement techs do not greet customers or show samples although some Lower Techs are high value if they are fanatical about perfect service (no leaks, drips or complaints, hand up fluid samples to support Upper Techs)

Your wages my go down, you will be suspended or reprimanded, and you may be terminated if:

  • You ignore or decline your manager’s directions – if you think you are being told to do something outside your job description, call the office at (630) 325-8666, call the President at (708) 341-1999 or email him at fastlubepres@gmail.com
  • You received a raise because you had great sales, but later your sales go down
  • You work is slow
  • You break a rule in the Handbook or change a procedure that the manager trains you to do or change a written procedure

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