Employee Resources for Coronavirus SARS-Covid-19

Center for Disease Control “CDC” supersedes information on this page
Here are the links to the CDC about Coronavirus COVID-19
Our rules while you are on the job and/or in the building:
  1. Customers Stay In Cars, Employees Stay Out Of Cars
  2. Managers Check employees with thermometers when they enter the shop
  3. Social Distancing  6′ from other people when possible (when possible, you must)
  4. Wear Masks & Safety Glasses in the shop (even if not working) and while working
  5. Wash Hands 20 seconds with soap and water and never touch your face
  6. Clean & Disinfect things that other people touch
  7. Stay home if you are sick
  8. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people

Drive Thru Service

Walk-in doors must be locked; only employees may be in the shop.

Garage doors should be open 3-feet so there is fresh air, but also to stop people from walking in.

Customers drive cars in, but must stay in their cars. Employees may not enter customers’ vehicles.

Employees may use a 6′ long pole to exchange materials (static stickers or money) with customers.

Employees will instruct customers how to reset their own oil warning system and to install window stickers, and will instruct customers about starting and shutting off engines during service.

Managers and assistants will process payments at the car. Customers should not use credit card terminals to enter their PIN numbers; managers may do that for them. When transactions are completed, cashiers must wash their hands.

Keep Teams Healthy

If an employee ignores rules on this page or in the handbook, he/she must be terminated.

If an employee has been with 10 or more people at one gathering, he/she may not work.

If an employee show symptoms listed above or on the CDC website, he/she may not work.

If an employee tests positive for Covid-19, he/she may not work until they have a certification from a doctor to return to work.

If an employee hides symptoms for Covid-19, he/she will be terminated.