Employee Resources for

Coronavirus Covid-19

At work and when away from work you should…

1.  social distancing 6′ or more

2.  wash hands 20 seconds

3.  don’t touch your face

4.  avoid people who are sick

5.  stay home if you are sick

6.  wash counter tops, sinks, toilets, keyboards and credit card terminals

to reduce risks of spreading flu and other illnesses.

For more information about Coronavirus COVID19

Customers need their cars to run properly. We are essential.

Drive Thru Service

Walk-in doors should be locked to help isolate our employees from people not involved in our service.

Customers will drive their cars in as usual, but should stay in their cars.

Employees may not enter customers’ vehicles. Employees will instruct customers how to reset their own oil warning system and to install window stickers, and will instruct customers about starting and shutting off engines during service.

Managers and assistants will process payments at the car. Customers should not use our credit card terminals to enter their PIN numbers; managers may do that for them. When transactions are completed, cashiers must wash their hands.

Be kind to others as you apply these rules and procedures

Keep Our Teams Healthy

If you or anyone living with you show signs of flu or Covid-19, or have tested positive for Covid-19, do not come to work. Managers will enforce this.

If you test positive for Covid-19, you must have a certification from a doctor to return to work.

If you hide health problems related to flu or Covid-19, you will be terminated.


Managers will use their judgement. Employees who appear to be sick should go home.

Managers will train employees about our policies, and will enforce CDC guidelines.

Managers will reprimand and terminate employees who ignore CDC guidelines and Oil Express rules.