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Downtime is wasteful. We can help.

Maintain Your Fleet

Your fleet is critical to the operations of your company. You understand the need for fleet maintenance, because your business depends on it. We help you keep your vans and trucks in shape. Downtime is lost money – let us help.

High-quality, Reliable Service

Oil Express performs their services for many different national and local fleets and commercial accounts. For information on pricing, please contact your local store manager.

We Carry Major Brands

Not all brands or weights may be available. Please ask your technician for more about oils we feature.

Reliable Service, Great Pricing

Reduce driver and vehicle downtime for your business by having our locations handle your fleet maintenance.

“The service here is fast and the employees are always friendly and courteous. I have been going here for my oil changes for a little over a year and the staff has never tried to sell me anything I don't need. Furthermore, they have gone above and beyond to help me when I needed to hunt down a new dipstick for my car and even filled my bicycle tires with air once! Not only have I never had a problem, but I'm impressed with the service here. Definitely recommend!”

Stephanie S.

“I went here this morning because my truck was overdue on an oil change. So I went here because if i go to the Lexus dealership [was] going to charge me $100 for an oil change!?! I know because I called and asked them! So I went here and they had me in and out in about 15 minutes.... New oil.... New filter...They gave me a $10 discount and I ended up paying only 25 bucks. 3 quarters less than the dealership with probably faster service. Great in-and-out experience.”

Tony A.

“I am so confused right now. These guys changed my oil in under 15 minutes. What in the world has everyone else that has changed me oil been doing? Sure, I can find an oil change for ~$20 and Oil Express costs ~$35. That said, their speed at changing my oil in first among none. It was really that fast. Pro Tip: They give you a $5/off coupon after every visit.”

Evan S.

“The mechanics there are super friendly and are willing to explain what you need done to your car in detail. Yes, they do the usual upselling of other services, but they don't give you a dire outlook for your car if you refuse. The work area is also very CLEAN which is important to me as I don't want oil stains on my car seats from a mechanic's messy uniform.”

Linda P.